Oeste Bravio


After the Republican Convention...

...I really feel like George Carlin:

War is great because it just goes on and on, they’re never gonna learn! And I blame the soldiers, a lot of people blame the politicians. I blame the soldiers who just keep showing up. These assholes since the Turks, the Greeks, everybody. Testosterone: not smart! No wonder they say, ‘You want an education? Come [to the military].’ They NEED an education… …I just think, if [soldiers] never showed up [for war], what would the statesmen and politicians do? They’d have to just have fist-fights! …I’m suggesting there’s an alternative, although it’s probably not doable, it’s a macro idea… The idea is: Fuck these people. Don’t go. Nobody goes! If nobody goes, they’re gonna kill them all? They’re gonna have trials for everyone? I’m just living in a different kind of world, I don’t subscribe. I don’t buy into all the premises that go into this system. I have pulled myself away about ten years ago, I finally decided: Fuck these people, these humans, let them do their thing, I’ll watch. I have no stake in the outcome anymore. I don’t care what happens to you. I don’t care what happens to your country, I don’t care what happens to your species. You can all get fucked. Because it’s fun to watch you destroy each other. It’s entertaining.

George Carlin, 1997

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